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Old Friends

Posted Jun 11 2010 9:44pm
One of my best friends from high school (7 years ago now) just called me to say hello. We lost touch a bit after we graduated and moved on to bigger and better things for the most part, but still tried to catch up about once a year at least. She is back in our hometown for the summer from law school and wanted to see if I'd be around to grab a bite to eat and catch up. I had to explain to her that I'd would truly love to, but unfortunately most likely won't have the energy to meet up. With work during the week, I use the weekends to catch up and ready myself for the next week's fight and doing anything involving not laying in bed and resting is usually just not worth all those "energy points" I don't have to spend. Anyway, it's always a heart-wrenching affair to have to explain this to people, especially when they're ones I haven't talk to for at least a year. It really drives home how fast time is passing and how little progress I've made. And I always feel so pathetic explaining how I feel, especially since I don't want to complain excessively, and the best, shortest way to describe it is that I'm "too tired" (which doesn't do it an ounce of justice).

Anyway, experiences like these make me so sad. I mean, there's a bit of happiness there because I remember what my life used to be like and all the people who I used to spend time with and the memories are enough to warm my heart. But then that warmth just turns into a deep ache and all I can think about is how I wish things were still like that.

Well. At least we live to fight another day :)

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