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No Way Out But Through

Posted Feb 02 2012 6:27pm
I keep thinking I need to write a blog post but what about?  The news from here is rather boring - we've had a triple-crash week.  Jamie, Craig, and I have all been down this week.  It's very unusual for Craig to crash at all, and he missed three days of school this week.  He went back today - got up this morning and on the bus by sheer willpower - he really hates being home and missing school and gets bored very easily!!

Jamie and I have both been very achy.  The aches in my legs were so bad at bedtime last night that I was in tears.  When all three of are down at once, it is almost certainly due to some sort of viral trigger.  When I took Jamie for his saline IV last night, the doctor said it's been a bad winter for viruses so far.  He said the old wive's tale that more people get sick during a mild winter is actually true.  So, I guess we were all exposed to something that has caused our immune systems to go even more crazy than usual.  Hopefully, it will pass soon.

We are getting more and more worried about Jamie.  He's only been in school 1 day out of the past 3 weeks and is getting further and further behind.  It's hard to see him lying on the couch day after day and suffering so, especially during a time of his life when his peers are so active and having so much fun.

So, one is back up and two are still lying here.  I have been continuing to push myself ("must get things done," "have to do this," etc.) but am trying to be smarter now and rest. In fact, I should set aside the computer and read my book now.  Even after 10 years, it is sometimes hard to remember that there is no way out of a crash but through it - and I will only make things worse by continuing to push.  Rest, rest, rest...
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