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No More Cheese or Yogurt!

Posted Mar 19 2011 12:00am
I know I promised to talk about my vulvodynia treatment in this post, but something came up that I wanted to write about. As I mentioned earlier this week, I'm working on cutting not only gluten from my diet but also milk products because of a possible casein (milk protein) intolerance. I already know that I have lactose (milk sugar) intolerance.

For over a month, the only milk products I had were what little milk product might be in fake butter (we use Smart Balance), certain potato chips (sour cream and onion flavor), and salad dressings (usually Caesar). It's important to note that I did not have the above products very often.

Well, the last couple of days I had some serious milk products...and I'm paying the price.

Two nights ago, my husband and I had a lovely homemade dinner of tilapia, asparagus, and baked potato. In the past we have substituted plain yogurt for sour cream because we thought yogurt to be healthier than sour cream. That night was no different. We put plain yogurt on our potatoes. A couple hours after dinner, I had stomach pains and diarrhea. However, I did not connect the yogurt to the stomach problems until the next evening.

Last night we went to a Mexican restaurant for dinner and ordered queso (cheese dip) for our chips. Big mistake. I felt fine all through dinner, but I started to feel nauseated on the drive home. By the time we got home (about two hours after having the queso), my stomach was bothering me even more. Sure enough. Diarrhea. About 10 minutes later, I vomited from the nausea.

If I had not had a problem the night before, I might have blamed food poisoning on my stomach issue after the Mexican restaurant. However, because of the timing of things, I was pretty convinced that my problem was yogurt and cheese. So convinced, in fact, that I ate my leftovers (minus the cheese) for lunch about six hours ago and feel fine.

In addition to the gastrointestinal issues last night and the night before, my eczema has flared up quite a bit. I even developed a new area of rash just under my right ear. Hmmm...sounds like an allergic reaction to me. Interestingly

I can't remember if I included links to the differences between lactose intolerance and casein intolerance in my gluten post, but eczema or skin rashes are common symptoms of casein intolerance. Diarrhea can be a symptom of both lactose and casein intolerance.

I am officially cutting out cheese and yogurt now. Before, I was generally avoiding it but not actively cutting it out of my diet. I don't know if that last sentence made any sense, but I'm leaving it in anyway! :)
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