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New symptom

Posted Dec 22 2010 12:00am
Hey People,

This will just be a quick post. I've had a new symptom over the last few weeks. Itching... Intense itching!!! My back rash has always itched at times but this is pretty much all over my body with no rash. Its burning itching. The worse parts are my legs and it seems to get a lot worse a night. It has been waking me up and I have cut myself from all the scratching. I did some research and there is something called neurological itch... Something about mixed up brain signals, like what can happen with pain. I have also seen it related to Lyme. I'm wondering might it be a positive sign that some of my nerve damage is trying to heal???

Does anyone else experience this? If so, any recommendations for relieving it??? I'm guessing if it is neurological that the only answer is what I'm already doing, antibiotic treatment.

It's driving me mad... Even though I am already mad, hahahaaaaa....

I'd like to Wish you all a very Happy and Peaceful Christmas!!!!!! xxx

Over and out,

Treya : )
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