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N.E.D.: Oncologists Rock for Women’s Cancer Awareness

Posted Sep 01 2009 3:20pm

I was informed that September is Gynaecologic Cancer Awareness Month.

I’m a disgrace when it comes to looking after woman’s health. I’ve never seen a gynaecologist in my life. I’m one of the very rare people who have not seen a person going through the hell of cancer battle. I’m surprised by myself that I agreed to write about Women’s Cancer Awareness.

The reason why I was convinced to write about the awareness? Because I know doctors’ attitude makes a big difference in patients’ lives. I have a great respect for those doctors who are not just doing their job, but they chose the career because they care about other human beings and making difference in patients’ lives with their compassion, care and diligence. If I hear there are such doctors exist other than my GP, I must mention about them. ;-)

With my confessions, I feel you guys have much more rights to write about gynaecologic cancer. If you have a story to share or information to give, please feel free to educate me by leaving comments.

All I have is an empathy… It must be a traumatic event to face the possibly terminal illness, not to mention the pain and discomfort they have to go through with the illness. I am not going to compare cancer with ME/CFS. They have the same and different debilitating cruel reality. In my opinion, I have no right to talk about it unless I’ve been through the hell of it.

Instead, I will talk about a rock band with a purpose; N. E. D.

N. E. D. is an acronym for “No Evidence of Disease”- a phrase that every gynecologic oncologist hopes to tell a patient after undergoing cancer treatment.

There are six members in the band. Yes, you guessed it! They are all doctors. I don’t know how they made time to produce 6 music together. Apparently, video conferencing technology played a big part of it.

The band’s mission is to enhance knowledge about the disease, bring hope through rhythm for women undergoing treatment, and raise awareness & money for the fight against women’s reproductive cancers.

The doctors strongly believe music heals. In fact, more than 250 journal articles report findings investigating the beneficial effects of music on pain, anxiety or depression. In a recent study at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, investigators found that patients who received music therapy while undergoing chemotherapy reported 37% less mood disturbance than other patients and 28% less anxiety. Other studies have shown that music can assist patients in coping with difficult illnesses. N.E.D. is focused on using music to convey this comfort.

Their music style range from indie to folk-rock.  They say their music is influenced by U2, Foo Fighters, Rush, and Weezer. This might give you some idea how the band would be like, if you are into music.

Their music and lyrics are original. I’ve listened to the music, and I liked them very much. It is another reason why I’m happy to mention about them.

The CD will be released on the 8th of September to coincide with Gynaecologic Cancer Awareness Month. Both the physical and digital EP include an informational booklet about gynaecologic cancers entitled, “What Every Woman Should Know.”  Net proceeds from the sale of the CD will be donated to the N.E.D. Cancer Foundation in association with the Gynaecologic Cancer Foundation (GCF) to educate the public about gynaecologic cancers and support promising research.

Also N.E.D.’s drummer, Dr. Nimesh Nagarsheth, will be releasing a book, Music and Cancer: A Prescription for Healing, in mid-September, 2009. The book opens with a moving foreword by Fran Drescher, President and Visionary of the Cancer Schmancer Movement.

If you have a question about the cause and/or N. E. D., please leave it in comment section. I will try to get the answer for you.

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