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My Old Post to BlogNow: Vote 1 for who?

Posted Sep 13 2008 1:13pm

7 September 2006 - Vote 1 for who?

As Mum does not know much about politics, she is trying to do her homework and figuring out who deserves her vote this Saturday. And it is not easy for her.

On TV ad, she does not see policies or propaganda from any political party. (Are they banned from broadcasting?) They are just telling each other that the other party is incompetent or liar.

On local paper, she read comments from each candidate explaining why they deserve her vote. They say that they will listen to people, they lived in this electoral area for such a period and they all say they will improve hospital system.

There was only one candidate stated how she was going to improve the community. ie increase number of nurses at hospital, increase number of police officer, establish a new fire station, etc. She also has resume of conducting and achieving projects as a director of Nurse at one of the hospitals.

Today she received two notes in letter box.

One of them was explaining that candidate DR lives this electoral area for last 6 years and she knows that people need better hospital and roads. So Mum should trust her and give her another term by voting her this Saturday. This note was printed on a fancy green paper. Hmmmm…..

The other one was explaining that their son lost a bus pass back in February. As they are struggling family, their son had to pay full fare for about a month until they have enough money to buy another pass. Although, they did not have faith in politics, they had to ask for help to one of the candidates RB. Within a couple of day, their problem was solved and son had another bus pass. This family was obviously using their own resources to let people know why they believe in her.

RB is the one who stated her plan in local news, and she obviously demonstrated that she takes quick actions for the right reasons. She is running against Labour Party, whom Mum believes they need to know that people are not happy. So Mum’s decision is made. They are too little facts for her to make a good decision. But it was better than nothing. So Ros Bates, you better be the person Mum trusted.

She was going to ask St Vincent people to witness her vote and post it for her. (As she is bed ridden, she requested Electoral Visit Vote. But she received the postal ballot paper in mail instead. And she was expecting some food parcels from St Vincent today.)

She is hoping that St Vincent people will come tomorrow. Then, she could ask them to deliver the ballot paper to the voting venue when they go to vote themselves. If they do not come tomorrow, she needs to ask her friend to deliver it for her on Saturday. If would be much easier if Mum could just go to the venue and vote…

Anyway, her vote should mean something.


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8 September 2006 - Ros

Posted by AngelaJames
I’m all for the protest vote. I’ve given up telling people to vote for my favourite party and just told them that we need to make sure Beattie gets sent a message.
I’ve met Ros Bates and heard her speak at a function. I am impressed with her as a person. That doesn’t mean she’ll make a good politician, but I hope your mum does support some one other the sitting member for Mudgeeraba!
But if you do want to know what policies the coalition have launched (because they haven’t been getting much air) (not all of this is for the state election, some is federal)
not sure about the independents…
But in one of the most marginal seats in the state, her vote will mean a lot. Edited by AngelaJames on 8 September 2006 at 5:53 AM
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9 September 2006 - This is the info she’s been looking for.

Posted by rrmakepeace
It is good to know that other person who actually met Ros believes she is a respectable person. To be successful in political career, she must have specific skills and talent. However, if she doesn’t possess the important foundation as a human being, her political success would not mean anything to Mum.
These website you pointed out were the exact info Mum had been looking for.
Thank you very much Angela for your opinion and information. Mum is appreciating it very much.
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