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My Old Post to BlogNow: Tomorrow will be a better day

Posted Sep 13 2008 5:16pm

17 August 2006 - Tomorrow will be a better day

It started as a good day, but ended up as a disaster day for my mum. She got a phone call from Social Worker from Community Health who is working very hard to get help for my mum. It is official that Centrelink lost her DSP application she lodged on 10 July and she has to fill the form again. Well, according to them, it was never lodged.

She got very angry but she did not know to whom she can direct the anger. She was very disappointed, got exhaustion attack and could not move for more than half an hour.

She is not a kind of person just sit around and complain and wait for someone to help. Well, she needs help now, but she does her work.

It took her more than two months to complete the form. She had to wait for magic energy or for magic moment to do it. She gets very tired after a short time of attempt and then had to rest for a very long time. Her friend took her to a doctor to get Treating Doctor’s Report and that trip made her condition even worse.

She was also fighting the fear of rejection as he heard many negative story about Disability Support Pensioner.

It sounds too dramatic, but that’s how it was. It was her last hope. And she knew she had to do it to get help. And that time, she didn’t have Social Worker from Community Health. She was desparately looking for something that could help her, ANYTHING.

And the application was treated like a piece of rubbish. She felt that her hope was treated just like that.

She knows that the Social Worker will help her to fill in the application this time. And she will ask her doctor to fill TDR again. I hope mum does not have to make another trip to the doctor. Eventually, she will lodge the application again and hopefully she will get the pension until she gets better. Let’s hope…

Also the St Vincent guy who was supposed to come and discuss about help and food did not show up and she did not even had a phone call from him.

The Social Worker will come and see her again tomorrow. And we all hope that tomorrow will be a better day.

Do not worry, people. She will get better. It was one of these days that even the most positive person in the world be disappointed. I will snuggle up at her and she always feel good when I do it. And Poppy is already at her side.



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18 August 2006 - Hello Basil I here Mum has had a bad day

Posted by cherylgraham2
Hello Basil and your Mum, I heard that you had a disappointment and I have only just read what it was. To anyone that reads this comment I would just like to say the following: I know to a lot of readers will think it seems over the top that filling out a simple form can be such an effort. But trust me it is, it took me a month to get my income protection form filled out, including doctors visits and another 9 months to get it processed (I had to kick up a bit of a stir to get it moving and I suffered physically for the next two weeks, but enough was enough) and I still have to get my agent to ring up the insurance company (IC) to see where my monthly payment is, even though I comply with every request the IC makes of me. Also I haven’t worked for exactly a year and I am still waiting for my payment from August 2005 to March 2006 – the cheque is in the mail!!!The problem is people with CFS have it instilled into them that they will be seen as malingerers, so much so that we are even scared to tell people what is wrong with us because we fear that we will be judged. The problem is unless we have some-one who is well on our side, we haven’t got the energy to follow it up and I believe because we are so unwell that we are taken advantage of (Not just CFS suffers but anyone with an illness that is debilitating).

There was a case in the media a week or two ago where a16-year-old Perth boy with leukaemia had been refused the disability support pension because his condition is deemed to be temporary.

Okay I wasn’t going to write another blog today, but I am so fired up this will have to be continued in my own blog

Basil you tell your Mum to hang in there, I know that she will get up and continue her fight. Love ChezzaJT.

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18 August 2006 - Cheryl, you made me smile

Posted by rrmakepeace
CherylI feel a bit guilty to fire you up like that. I am sure you will be in bed all day tomorrow.

But I must tell you that you made me smile. It is a happiness because I have someone who understand exactly what I felt and on my side.

You assured me that I am not alone. I’ll keep you posted.

Thanks, mate!!

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19 August 2006 - Copies!

Posted by AngelaJames
Sadly I’ve long understood that the government, universities and many many huge organisations are totally incompetent at keeping and processing paperwork. That’s why copies are indispensable and if possible get them to sign a recipt to say they have recieved your paperwork.
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19 August 2006 - Untitled Comment

Posted by rrmakepeace
Thank you Angela,I had to ask someone else to take it to the Centrelink because I am very ill.
I have scanned copy in my computer, but they are not the originals…
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