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My Old Post to BlogNow: My Mum’s Unsung Heroin

Posted Sep 13 2008 5:16pm

25 August 2006 - My Mum’s Unsung Heroin

My mum got a very good friend. Her name is Merryl. Mum also calls Merryl her Australian mum. But Merryl told me that she was not my grand mother. Confusing….

On Tuesday, Merryl stood up for mum’s principles and justice. She made another phone call to Centrelink. I do not know how she did it, but this time she spoke to a lady who promised her to get the message across to the branch where mum’s lost application is. And the lady knew it was very important.

If you read my previous postings, you know that Centrelink lost the DSP application mum lodged on 10 July. As mum’s too ill to trace it and her Social Worker was not keen to find it, Merryl was trying to find the application. But Centrelink refused to speak to Merryl on behalf of mum.

Somehow, Merryl spoke to them without the authority. And she made the lady to promise to get back to her if there was any news.

Merryl understood that the lost application was the proof that mum was doing her best not to rely on others, and was the desperate hope for mum to get help. Merryl knew that mum was hurt because Centrelink treated mum as another immigrant trying to live an easy life on expense of hard working Australians. (And if you know my mum, you will all agree that this is not mum. )

So she took over mum’s fight as hers and tried for one last time. Mum cried because she overwhelmed by her gesture and felt that her principles were respected. And that was what my mum really needed. The application was never found as everybody expected. But mum can not thank enough to the only person who completely understood and took action for her.

Mum can move on now. She tried everything she could. And Merryl fought her fight. She knows that there are people who understand and respect her. Mum knows very well that she should not get bogged down. She should not waist her energy for pity thing like this.

She apologised to the Social Worker for being difficult and made friends with her again. Now the Social Worker is telling that she will get the Treating Doctor’s Report again so mum does not have to travel and pay for the doctor. Things are not too bad…

Merryl is a very affectionate person. She loves chatting with people. She talks about everybody in her life, but there is not a subtle hint of disrespect or prejudice. Her heart is open for everybody. Yes, for everybody. When you meet her, she will kiss you, hug you and make you feel that you are on top of the world. She got this cute smile that every body have to smile back.

She had tough childhood. Some of the experiences must have traumatised her. She’s got a very tough life. She is still struggling. When things get too tough, she cries. But she keeps hanging in there. She never blamed anybody for her hardship. Mum really wishes Merryl’s life to be easier. Mum really wants Merryl to enjoy her life rather than struggle to help mum.

Some people doesn’t see it, but she also possess strength that only mother can have. She sacrificed everything she could afford to give her children better future. Mum saw her cried a lot, but she never regretted the decision because she was absolutely sure that she gave the best future for sons she could ever give. Her children’s future was non disputable priority.

When mum was very ill and did not have food for two days, all she could do was to send SOS to her. Merryl was at her door step with food and shoulder for mum to cry. She took mum to doctor and pay for them, to Lifeline counselling, to a café and shouted nice coffee and lunch my mum truly love.

Merryl is mum’s family she could not have. She was always there and will be there for mum. Even when mum got bitter and miserable, she never stopped supporting her. She always gives mum unconditional friendship and support. And she was there with pride at mum’s university graduation and citizenship ceremony.

She is mum’s role model. If there was someone who needed help, Merryl always gave her hand without prejudice. Mum has a great respect for her and believes that her kindness should be recognised by more people.

Merryl is mum’s unsung heroin. She deserves a medal or two. Mum really wishes to give something back to her. Mum really wants to see Merryl receives what she deserves.

And I hope one day, she allows me to call her my grand mum.


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25 August 2006 - Merryl

Posted by cherylgraham2
Well done Merryl.I am sure that Merryl knows that your Mum appreciates everything that she does for your Mum. She also knows that if the roles were reversed your Mum would be there for Merryl.It is nice to have a special friend that can help. Sometimes friends can be more helpful and understanding than family.

Say hello to your Mum for me,


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