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my OI/POTS 24-test and results

Posted Jan 15 2011 2:31pm

As you know, I have been increasing my water intake dramatically as well as my salt intake to counter the effects of OI/POTS .  I’m actually doing well with the water consumption.  I have always been a huge drinker since getting sick 20 years ago so this wasn’t too difficult for me.  I am now settling at around 12 glasses of water a day or 3 quarts which seems to be a good place for me.

As for the salt, I am still incorporating changes as I go along.  I am purchasing food items with salt in them for the first time since the 80s!  I also just placed an order with Whole Foods that included organic bullion, pickles, and salted chips.  So that should really help me this coming week.

In addition, I ordered some Himalayan salt from at the gentle nudging of my friend Linda .  My natural doctor in Maine had actually suggested it for the side affects I was having from Singulair (which I no longer take) but  I just haven’t been able to squeeze it into the budget.  But…I did today!  I should have that on Monday as well.

On Wednesday, I decided to take a chapter from Sue ‘s book, if you will, and take a 24 hour period and check my blood pressure before and after I do simple things.  (Is anything really simple anymore?)  I am able to do that because the VA gave me a blood pressure machine in December and wanted me to track my blood pressure until my appointment in August as they are stumped as to why I have such odd swings in my blood pressure.

The nudge to do this came when I had a heart episode on Wednesday afternoon and my heart started skipping beats for about 5 seconds or so.  My blood pressure machine will actually catch that, but there is no way to get the cuff on and capture it, all in five seconds.  Nor can I wear it all day.  Plus, I never know when the heart skipping or racing is going to occur.

Well, here is the results of my 24 hour period.  I think they are quite telling.

9:34 a.m. – 121/83, pulse 64 – at rest, only got up to go to the bathroom. (no dizziness)

10:12 a.m. – 145/84, pulse 87 – I took a quick shower (military style) (mild dizziness)

11:54 a.m. – 155/97, pulse 74 – I made myself some lunch which meant heating up a cup of home-made chili and getting some chips to go with it. (very dizzy)

1:48 p.m. – 128/98, pulse 71 – I was resting trying to allow my blood pressure to get back down (very dizzy still)

4:31 p.m. – 151/90, pulse 101 – Went down to the end of my street to get a sandwich.  Came right back and ate it here.  (very dizzy still)

5:27 p.m. – 148/96, 93 – Resting and trying to get blood pressure down (Now have had 10 glasses of water and dizziness starting to abate)

8:38 p.m. – 135/86, pulse 93 – dizziness gone after 12 glasses of water and added salt.

And I’m going to add one other example here from Friday.  I had to leave for two hours so I decided to go to the park Dekker and I always went to and sit there for a while (half hour) and then go to the Library which is two blocks away, (I was there for 1 hour) and then stop by Arby’s and got my free sandwich and came home.  All together I was gone just under two hours.

Before I left my blood pressure was 118/81, pulse 75.  When I returned my blood pressure had jumped to 137/102, pulse 93.  I had taken seating breaks where ever I could and had walked very slowly.

Although I wasn’t dizzy-free when I went out, the dizziness was very mild.  By the time I headed back home I was walking like a drunk, had blurry vision, floaters, ringing in my ears, was really weak, and had to push with everything I had to get home.

I collapsed for the rest of the night when I got home.

This morning I woke up in pain, slightly dizzy and with severe pain in my right upper thigh and arms.  I figured out where that came from.  I was carrying a bag from the Library with 5 books in it (2 were small ones) and the pain in my arms is from carrying too much weight.  I no longer carry over one pound because, for me, I end up in a severe FMS flare-up.

The pain in my thigh, are you ready for this?, comes from the bag hitting my leg when I was walking home.  Just the slight tapping into my leg and I have so much pain in that leg that I have been limping!

Good thing I can take as much Phenocane as I need!

So, what has this told me?

Well, several things actually.

1.  I am going to set up a chart in my laptop and start tracking my blood pressure throughout the day as well as how I am feeling at that moment.

2.  I think I need to rearrange my day so that I am doing the more challenging things towards the end of the day when I have taken in most of my water, such as my showers, etc.  I am also going to start limiting how many showers I take a week and then planning serious rest on those days.

3.  I have seen two positive side affects as a result of the increased water consumption.  First, I am visiting the bathroom a lot more for bowels movements.  I am not having to rely on the colon cleanse, or probiotics quite as much as a result. Secondly, I am finding my sinus’ are not so dry and I can blow my nose much more easily!

I think my ability to do Friday came from all the prayers and thoughts that were coming my way and because of the increased water and salt.  However, I really need to get a grip on this because it is quite alarming to be out in public and all that is running through my mind is, I can do this.  No I’m going to pass out.  I can do this, just one more step.  No, I’m going to keel over.  I feel like I’m walking through mud and a cob-web.  I can do this.  No, I don’t think I can.  God help me.

That is a conversation I no longer care to have in my mind.  I also don’t want to constantly have to wonder if I am going to collapse.

So…on to next week, new salt, more water, more resting and evaluating, and most likely, more change.  :-)

Oh, one question for my readers.  Does anyone experience pain when they have thier blood pressure taken?  I am having FMS pain but also this deep, profound aching in my veins when the cuff tightens.  I don’t have the cuff too tight because I checked the instructions.  The pain is almost unbearable.

Determined to continue forward,

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