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My Lyme follow-up doctor appointment

Posted May 27 2012 2:20pm
I just had my first doctor's visit with my CFS specialist since starting antibiotics for the Lyme 6 weeks ago. My blood work for the few tests came back at reasonable enough levels that he didn't want to run anything for my next visit in 2 months! That was a first.

  • My reverse T3 levels (thyroid) have gone down to 12 (from a whopping 55 when I first started seeing him 2.5 years ago) and he's happy with that; I still have to take 33 mcg bioidentical T3 hormone to get my reverse T3 levels down more, but he didn't increase the dosage like last time. 
  • My cortisol levels were within range (they have been too high recently). 
  • My vitamin D was super low (range is 30-110, and I was at 33!) so he told me to take 10000 IU per day. 
  • At the last visit, my natural killer cells were super low (though still higher than when I started with him) but he didn't test them this time.
He said he's happy that the zithromax antibiotic I'm taking is doing *something* so he's going to keep me on it but also add TWO other medications to the mix. Gah!! My poor body, I don't know how my sad little liver will handle processing all these meds. He told me to beef up my intake of probiotics for 3-4 days prior to starting these and then give 'em a try to see how I react. The two are
  • Amantadine, 100mg  (an antiviral that has been shown to target the cystic form of the Lyme bacteria...Lyme is apparently very adaptive and has a cystic form! Who knew)
  • Suprax, 400 mg (an antibiotic, in case the Lyme has found ways to go around the Zithromax; again, it's super adaptive)
Some things I learned about Lyme from my barrage of questions
  • There is some early evidence that it can be transmitted between people (from mother to baby in womb, between sexual partners).
  • He has a patient whose been on treatment for Lyme for a year and is now 100% better from her CFS. She's back to exercising and back in school. The story gave me hope :)
Anyway, we'll see how things go with all those extra meds! I'm feeling positive and hopeful, though. I will get better (one day); that's my mantra! Hope everyone's having a lovely Memorial Day Weekend if you're in the US :)

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