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My idea of what "the cure" currently is...

Posted Jun 16 2010 10:42pm
I am now more than ever convinced that given unlimited rest, sunshine, fresh air, and healthy stretching this thing can be beaten. OK, and maybe unlimited financial resources would be helpful for those things. Plus all the biological fixes as well. Yes, that's a little naive, but those are the things I've found to be continuously beneficial, after multiple trial and error type action, in helping me inch forward (millimeter forward?) in my recovery.

I finally pushed myself to go to the beach today for a few hours. I figured the regenerative effects it has for the soul (well, my soul, at least) would outweigh the energy cost. Cost-benefit analysis! :) It's been a long while since I've been, at least the way I went today. Sometimes if I'm not completely dead after work (usually once every 2 weeks or so), I park by the coast for an hour or so, roll down my windows, and get some fresh air. Maybe it's all in my head, but I feel like my crash after work is just the tiniest bit less hard if I do that. Anyway, basking in the warm sun and getting fresh air for 3 hours was mighty wonderful. I always feel better when I sit in the sun, and I've read that sunlight in healthy doses has immune-boosting power in a way. So now I feel like I've got a little bounce back in my (mental) step and although I'm back in bed now, I dare say I'm not taking the amount of activity that I did today as hard as normal (yay sun!).

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