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My apologies

Posted Dec 17 2010 1:00am
"Dekker and his Mr. Monkey"

Dekker with Mr. Monkey

I wanted to apologize up front.  I never realized just how utterly devastated I would be over Dekker’s death.  I’m really struggling.  Writing – other than about my grief – is just too much.  And to be honest, even writing about my grief is a challenge.

Yesterday was really rough.  I awoke to Dekker crying and went to his crate, only to realize it was a box and Dekker wasn’t here anymore.  I’m struggling just to make sure I eat and sleep an hour or two wherever I can, while still trying to move forward in this grieving process.

In addition, the grief is aggravating the Fibromyalgia and I’m guessing a crash is right around the corner.

Therefore, because I am having such a hard time, I have decided to take the rest of the month off from most of my responsibilities and posting, in order to allow myself to fully grieve Dekker’s death.  I need to find a way to allow my heart to let go of Dekker and this incredible and over-whelming pain that has lodged itself in my heart and stomach.

Trying to focus on my grief and loss, and remember that I have the blog, is just a little too much at this moment in time.

I hope you will understand.

Feel free to continue leaving comments, and when I know there is a comment, I will answer back.

P.S.  For those of you who are looking forward to reading the December issue of Life Skills Magazine, it is now out.  You can find it here .  I’m afraid I can’t send it via email because it is 107 pages this month!  Congratulations to Renee , Sue , and Laurel for their wonderful articles and interviews.

Determined to continue forward (even if it means without my buddy)

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