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My AMAZING grass Story – Part 5 of 6: Benefits & Bonuses

Posted Apr 10 2012 3:20pm

If you haven’t read the first four parts of my story, you can catch up by going to, the INCIDENT , Repercussive CONSEQUENCES and Slippery SLOPE and ONE year later .


the body NEVER Lies

There is this quote by Martha Graham that I love.

The body never lies.


I have found in my life that my body always lets me know when it is struggling.  I have also found, that my job is simply to find a way to give my body a fighting chance to function the best it can.

Living with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) and the after math of being chemically poisoned means that I don’t have a crystal ball about whether or not I can attain a complete recovery.

Despite that, I have the utmost faith in my body’s ability to heal as much of itself as is possible if I will just take the time to feed it what it requires in order to do that.


Quality Nutrients

But that is where the conundrum comes.  What exactly does my body need? And how do I give it those nutrients without creating an energy deficit from cooking and preparing said nutrients.

As far as the toxic poisoning goes, I knew I needed to detox and get as much of the chemicals out of my body as humanely possible.

In addition, I also quickly learned adding more chemicals in the form of heavy-duty medications was not conducive for my recovery so they were all stopped and replaced by herbal remedies with the help of a family naturopathic doctor.

What I was left with, however, is that I had to find something that would aid my body while it was ridding itself of the toxins and that would provide much-needed nutrients and energy.

"Amazing Grass Super Food"


I found all of that and then some in the Amazing Grass Superfood Drink that I started drinking ONE year ago.

Since then, I have noticed other benefits.

1.  If I take it after exercising, the PENE (Post Exertion Neuro-immune Exhaustion) is lessened.

2. I see a steady increase of energy the longer I take it.  Perhaps it would be better to say that today I see a more consistent energy level.

3.  I have been able to increase my nutrient levels from 500 calories a day to 1,000 calories a day.  That is a huge feat because eating and digestion are so difficult with ME and toxic poisoning.

"ORAC Amazing Superfood"

ORAC = Alkaline balanced body

4.  The ORAC Superfood blend by Amazing Grass is wonderful because it brings the body into alkaline harmony.  Once there, the body is able to heal itself and keep itself well.

5.  I can replace two meals with Amazing Grass and give my gut a break when it comes to digestion.  The easy assimilation of the product ensures that I can.  I drink the Superfood for breakfast and the Meal Replacement for dinner (although I still only do half a scoop as Hemp is harder for my gut to digest, even today)

6.  My eyes rarely bother me any more.

7.  I have very few chemical sensitivities today.

8.  Ringing in the ear has decreased by about 50%.

9.  Body aches and pain are minimal.

10.  Cognitive ability has improved by about 50%.

11.  Stamina has quadrupled.

12.  Swollen glands and throat muscle issues are much, much less.

13.  Drinking the Superfood drink upon rising, before I put anything into my body, seems to enable my body to right itself faster.  The drudgery of a difficult, slow, awakening in the morning in now lessened as well.

14.  I believe most of the toxins, if not all, from the poisoning are now gone.

"Sleeping Smash"

Napping Smash

15.   Instead of two to three naps a day, I often only need one in the late afternoon.  Some days I am able to go without a nap at all!

Despite these improvements, I still have to pace and be careful.  It is actually easier to overdo it now than before because I am functioning better and PENE always hits hours to days later when it does choose to hit!

So I have to be somewhat guarded with my time, resting, and especially my eating.


Amazing Grass Shakes

Today, you will find me drinking two superfood shakes and replacing my night-time meal with an Amazing Grass shake and then eating a raw (most days) lunch, as well as, fruit, nut butters, raw cheeses, organic chocolate, chia seeds, and whatnot for my snacks if I get hungry.

I now eat every three hours most days.

In addition, I exercise by walking my pug, doing Egoscue Exercises as well as abdominal exercises and arm strengthening exercises.

I write most days for an hour or two.

I am up at 7ish and in bed by 9ish.

I sleep 8-10 hours instead of my normal 10-12 hours.

I go out with my friends almost every week.

I require less sleeping and pain aids (herbal) then I did a year ago.  A lot less.

My life is not perfect nor is my health cured.  But I am in a much better place today then I was just a year ago.


Next year Improvements?

I’m interested to see what I will look and feel like a year from this series.  If the changes in my body continue, it will be phenomenal!

As a side note, for those of my readers who are interested in trying Amazing Grass, you will want to sign up for the Grassheads Group. You will get 20% off your order every month and will not pay shipping.  In addition, you can set your orders out 60-90 days and change your orders monthly as needed.  You can even cancel them.

I would also suggest you start with the Chocolate Superfood Shake as it tastes the best when you are not used to ingesting wheat grass.

In my last part of this series, I will be sharing a variety of shakes that I have created on my own and that I now use everyday or when I need to change things up.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment and if I get enough I may add a Question and Answer post after part six.

I hope my AMAZING journey has inspired you, given you some ideas, and given you hope that this journey with ME or MCS or FMS is so not over until the fat lady sings.  And sing, she has not yet done!

It is my heart’s desire that we all can one day have an AMAZING story to tell.

Determined to continue forward,




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