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My AMAZING Grass Story – Part 4 of 6: ONE year later

Posted Apr 06 2012 8:34am

If you haven’t read the first three parts of my story, you can catch up by going to, the INCIDENT , Repercussive CONSEQUENCES and Slippery SLOPE .



There is something about meeting your immortality face to face.

Often our time on earth is not something we give much thought too.  However, when your body ceases to function properly, and eating and digesting food, talking, walking, and all the other basic normal life functions become almost impossible, you really have no other choice but to have a major stare down with Mr. Immortality.

I think for me, in hindsight, what I chose to do when I felt I was running out of options, reflected who I am at the core.  Giving up is just not in my nature.  In fact, I would go as far as to say, giving up is not in most people’s nature who struggle everyday with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME).

There is this innate thing inside that rebels at the thought of some virus coming into my body and determining whether or not I will be able to live.  I reject that.  This is my body and if there is anything I can do to make it function better, by God I will.  If it doesn’t work then I will keep trying other things until I hit upon the right one.

Last year, however, added another dimension to my determination.  I also came to face to face with the reality that so many of my ME friends are still living with. Every single day.   And some of them – like my friend Laurel – are living a much more challenging circumstance then even mine was.

That knowledge and intimate understanding has lit a fire of anger within me because people I know and love are still suffering and we still don’t have a causal link, cure, or treatment several decades later. Not to mention that the number of ill has now hit in the arena of 17 MILLION people!  Unbelievable.

"Amazing Grass Super Food"


For me, my miracle – if you will – came in a container that was called Amazing Grass .  Interestingly, it wasn’t my first choice.  I actually tried another drink product from a company I have been with for years and had no observable benefits from it.

So when I stumbled onto Amazing Grass there were several things that caught my eye.

First, it was organic.

Second, it was drinkable which was paramount at that time because of swallowing and digestive issues.

Third, it had probiotics and digestive enzymes in the drink.

Fourth, it was a superfood which I knew was critical if I had any intentions of helping my body.

Fifth, it was raw, unadulterated food.

Sixth, it was chocolate.  I mean really.  How can one go wrong with chocolate?

Seventh, it would provide all my nutrients and many micro-nutrients that my body desperately needed every day.

Eighth, it was simple to make and easy to drink and digest.  This was probably the most important thing for me at this point since eating just was not an option.

So, I started drinking the shakes.  The first thing I discovered it that they tasted really good!  Who knew grass could be yummy?


Amazing Grass Shakes

Because I was in such bad shape at that time, I had to start out with 1/4 to 1/2 a scoop as my body couldn’t tolerate more than that at one time.  I also drank multiple shakes throughout the day but in smaller quantities then recommended on the contianer.

My first shakes consisted of 1/4 cup of frozen blueberries, half a banana (very important to smooth out grass texture), 1/2 cup of rice milk and 1/4 scoop of the Amazing Grass powder thrown into a blender and mixed for several minutes.  Yummy!

My best friend noticed a slight change of improvement within two weeks.  I didn’t really see that.

But … at four weeks, I started noticing that I was improving.  I could talk a little longer, get out of bed for an hour or two, and so forth.

By week six, I was out of bed and my wheelchair!

I went from functioning at a 5% level to about a 30% level within 6 weeks.

What is amazing to me even today, 1 year later, is that the longer I drink the Amazing Grass Superfood Shakes , the better I seem to get.  AND, the more my body craves this fabulous drink!

One year later and I am now functioning at about 75% most days.  I still have to rest, pace and be careful but I am doing so much more that the change is absolutely amazing.


Yoga and Walking

I am exercising pretty regularly with missed days here and there.  I am going out with friends every week.  I am cleaning my own apartment.   I have gotten a new pug named Smash.

Most amazing, however, is I am now able to eat reall food as well.  I usually have no problems getting in one small meal a day plus two snacks.  Some days, like after my massage, I eat even more!  That is huge when I think back to how eating was so very difficult.

The hardest part of my life today with Amazing Grass is remembering that I am not cured, yet, and that I still have to be careful because of the PENE (post exertion neuro-immune exhaustion).

So … for the last two parts of my series, I’m going to share some new benefits I have discovered from taking the Amazing Grass Superfood Shake a nd then lastly, share some of my favorite recipes for those of you who are going to try this product and see how it works for you.

BTW, I would highly recommend if you choose to try Amazing Grass that you start with the Superfood drink which you can find here.  The meal replacement has 10g of protein and even a year later I have days where I have to cut that in half because it is too much. The drink is the easiest one to digest all the way around and I have found provides me with the best results.

Determined to continue forward,



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