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Mrs Angry

Posted Jun 19 2009 5:42pm

This morning I am in a bad place. Very frustrated and angry, hating myself and hating this disease or whatever you want to call it.

Yesterday I gave myself a day off. The weather has turned cold and windy so I decided to stay in and do nothing except entertain and feed myself. No volunteer work, no phone calls, no shopping, nothing except rest and relax.

I got so relaxed I fell asleep in the afternoon. I haven't done that for ages. It felt like bliss. Trouble was I couldn't sleep last night. So this morning I am back at square one, and just for fun, the thrush is back - again. Not the songbird, the itch. And the headache. So more energy to expend going back to the doctor.

I must be doing too much.

Another minor obstacle on the horizon is that my very local supermarket will be shut for two weeks from 1st April for a refit. So I will have to choose between walking to other local shops or driving to the larger supermarket. Or. . . . just had a brainwave. . . I could get my shopping delivered. Bloody hell, why didn't I think of that before?

I hate the fact I have to make these choices. My Mother in her seventies can do four times as much as me, including going to the gym. It's NOT FAIR!
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