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Movie Monday 9/20

Posted Sep 20 2010 3:15pm
Still really, really sick, so I'll keep this short.  I spent too much time on the laptop earlier and paid for it...but I miss you guys!

Ken was away most of last week and I was too sick to stay up late enough for movies this weekend, but we saw a few oldies with the kids
  • Jamie had a very busy social schedule this weekend, so we watched the first two Back to the Future movies with Craig.  We'd seen them before, but they were on TV, and he wanted to see them again.  The first, of course, is a classic.  The second is OK but the future scenes are a bit hokey.  I think he may have watched the third one the next morning.
  • On Sunday morning all of us were in our usual Sunday state of exhaustion, and we ended up watching School of Rock on TV.  We've probably seen it a dozen times (Craig maybe a hundred times!), but it's such a good movie!  A favorite at our house.
  • Sunday evening we watched Kindergarten Cop with the kids.  They've been wanting to see an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie from before he became the Governator, so I got this 80's movie from the library.  They loved it (and we enjoyed it, too).
Seen any good movies lately?
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