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Movie Monday 8/29

Posted Aug 29 2011 5:11pm
Well, we survived the hurricane, and Jamie came through his oral surgery this morning just fine.  We are hoping that the IV fluids he got in the hospital will help prevent a severe crash - time will tell.  He's got a sore throat and swollen glands, so that's not a good sign.  He's in a lot of pain now but enjoying his smoothie.  I will post again tomorrow about tips for people with CFS having surgery.

For today, how about a more fun topic?  Movies!  Since I skipped last Monday, today's post will cover two weeks.  We actually didn't watch a lot of movies partly because it's been so hectic here and partly because the kids are still totally hooked on watching old episodes of Bones!  It's a great series with a wonderful sense of humor.  As for movies
  • A couple of weeks ago, we watched Alice in Wonderland, the new version.  It was pretty much just what you would expect from a collaboration between Tim Burton and Johnny Depp: really, really bizarre!  We all enjoyed it - a very creative, colorful production, a totally new approach to Alice.
  • We also watched The Truman Show starring Jim Carrey with the kids.  Ken and I had seen it many years ago, and the boys both loved it.  It's just such an ironic, insightful look at our voyeuristic society.  And talk about premonition!  One year after the movie was released, the first reality TV show, Big Brother, premiered.
  • During the big sleepover this weekend, Ken and I watched The Hereafter, starring Matt Damon.  I've wanted to see this movie ever since it was released into the theater.  As its title indicates, it's about the afterlife.  There are three separate stories that eventually come together: Matt Damon plays a psychic in San Francisco who can sense messages from people's dead loved ones; there's a young boy in England who suffers a crippling loss; and a well-known TV journalist in France who has a near-death experience while on vacation.  I loved this thoughtful and thought-provoking movie!
Have you seen any good movies lately?
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