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Movie Monday 7/23

Posted Jul 23 2012 4:21pm
Ahhhhh...what's that sound?  It's silence.  Our sons are off for a week on their grandparents' sailboat, along with their cousin, and Ken and I are enjoying a little down time.  I had a very quiet, solitary day which was just lovely!  Life is pretty easy with just the two of us.  And tonight we're going out to dinner to one of my favorite restaurants to celebrate my birthday.

I was planning to take advantage of this quiet week to actually go OUT to a movie theater, but there is nothing playing right now that I want to see!  It's all kids' stuff or superhero stuff (i.e. that the boys want to see) or just plain stupid stuff.  So, we will probably rely on DVDs for entertainment this week, as usual.

Last week was very busy, but we did have plenty of time for a movie after we got home from dropping off the kids this weekend
  • We watched Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, based on a John Le Carre novel, last night.  Ken thinks he might have read the book years ago (but didn't remember it). It was a good movie but  very complicated and sometimes hard to follow.  It was actually perfect for watching alone in the family room together instead of in a theater because we could pause the movie and discuss it: "So, is that guy..." and "Do you think this means that..."  It's your basic Cold War spy movie, but it does have a sort of slow, meandering feel to it.  It's a good story, though, and the plot kept us guessing.
  • Ken and I have been watching episodes of The Good Wife on DVD (from season 1) and are enjoying it.  And Jamie and I discovered a new show last week before he left: Perception starring Eric McCormack (past star of Will & Grace).  He plays a brilliant neuroscientist professor with expertise in neuroforensics who struggles with schizophrenia.  We only watched the first episode, but it looks very good so far.  Oh, and with the kids gone today, I enjoyed catching up with Smash while I ate lunch!
Have you seen any good movies or TV shows this week?

(If you are also interested in what we have been reading, check out the Monday post on my book blog .)
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