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Movie Monday 5/3

Posted May 03 2010 4:25pm
I've had so much on my mind with Lyme and bartonella that I almost forgot about Movie Monday!  I was completely, totally exhausted today because I haven't been sleeping well the last few days (I wonder why...), so it was a two-nap day.  As soon as my Dad left this morning and I called the pediatrician's office to make an appointment for Jamie (Wednesday), I went back to bed.  I did enjoy my Dad's visit, though, and I'm feeling better this evening.

So, it was a busy weekend, and we only had time for one movie
  • The Brothers Bloom -The brothers referred to in the title, Bloom and Steven (played by Mark Ruffalo), have spent their entire lives as con men, staging ever-more complicated cons.  Bloom is fed up with this fake life and wants out, but Steven - who loves coming up with convoluted schemes - convinces him to stick it out for one more, ultimate con.  According to Steven, the perfect con is one where everyone gets what they want.  He sets his sights on the wealthy and lonely Penelope.  I'm not sure whether my Dad liked this one, but Ken and I both enjoyed it.  It's a bit quirky (not again!) at the beginning, but we soon got lost in following the complicated scheme and trying to figure out who was actually conning who.  Lots of fun.
 Have you seen any good movies lately?
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