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Movie Monday 3/4

Posted Mar 04 2013 3:50pm
Yet another long week of being mostly housebound with my son, but we are finally seeing signs of improvement. He did perk up a bit, starting on Friday, and had a decent weekend. He was finally able to do a little bit of make-up work for school, and he had a friend over for a few hours on Saturday. The idea was that they would just chill out and play video games, but they went outside for a walk in the woods for a half hour. The poor kid hasn't left the house in almost a month (except for doctors and surgery!) and hadn't seen any friends at all, so it is hard to take it easy when the energy finally comes back - I'm sure you all understand that! We were hoping he'd be back in school today, but he slept until 11 am and is feeling wiped out again. Hopefully, he will get back to at least partial days this week.

So, he and I watched a lot of TV again last week. He is really enjoying old episodes of Roseanne, especially now that David has shown up, played by one of his favorite actors from The Big Bang Theory. When our college-aged son came home on Sunday for the day, we caught up on 3 episodes of Arrow, an excellent new superhero show. And we watched a couple of movies this weekend
Friday night, we watched The Bourne Legacy with our son. We all enjoyed it. It picks up where the last Jason Bourne movie ended, with the CIA and the public all in an uproar over the secret program that came to light. Now we find out that there is another super-secret program in danger of being exposed with all the publicity. They try to shut it down, but one of the super-soldiers they've created escapes....and the chase is on. Our son complained that there wasn't enough action in the first half of the movie and too much backstory, but the second half of the movie had plenty of action to satisfy him!  The movie was fast-paced with an intricate, complex plot and plenty of suspense.

Saturday night, Ken and I watched Looper, a thoughtful, in-depth sci-fi story set in the future. It's a time-travel story, so it is somewhat complicated - we had to hit pause at one point and try to figure out what was happening in which year - but that's what I love about time-travel stories! The basic plot is that in the future, it is impossible for criminals to get rid of bodies because everyone is electronically tagged, so there are hired assassins called Loopers who wait 30 years in the past. At a designated time, the  victims are sent back in time and  - bam! - the Looper kills them and disposes of the body. One Looper, played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, is saving up for his retirement, until the day one of his intended victims turns out to be an older version of himself, played by Bruce Willis. I hadn't wanted to watch this movie because of the violence, but it turned out to be a very good, thought-provoking movie, incorporating all of my favorite time-travel themes.

Have you seen any good movies lately?

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