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Movie Monday 11/23

Posted Nov 23 2009 10:00pm
I had a weekend of highs and lows - the high of going hiking with my family on Saturday...and the low of thinking I had managed it OK, then crashing on Sunday afternoon. At least, I suspect it's from the hike, but who knows? Still in bad shape today and feeling a little down (and very worried about the rest of our week, traveling to see family for the holiday weekend). I have been looking forward to Movie Monday, though!

We watched two movies this weekend:
  • Million Dollar Baby I put off seeing this Academy award-winning movie for quite a while, in spite of its glowing reviews, because I really detest boxing, but I saw it on the shelf at the library Friday and decided to give it a try. I still think that boxing is brutal and cruel and shouldn't be considered a sport (I covered my eyes for most of the fighting scenes!), but there is no question that this is an excellent film. The story itself is both triumphant and sad, and the acting is superb. Hilary Swank is great in the title role, Clint Eastwood plays a perfect gruff old man, and I love Morgan Freeman in every role he plays! I have to warn you, though, that this is a tough movie to watch and not just because of the boxing scenes. So, you should probably stay away from this one if you don't like sad movies, but, if you feel as I do - that any movie(or book) that can make you feel something is worth seeing (or reading) - then you should give it a try.
  • Snow Falling on Cedars OK, this is a funny one - not the movie but the story of us watching it! I saw it at the library and thought, "Oh, I've always wanted to see this." So, I put the DVD in that evening and 5 minutes into it, Ken says, "Haven't we seen this before?" I told him I know I didn't see it. Another 10 minutes and he says, "I'm sure we've seen this before," and I keep insisting we haven't. At some point midway through, we finally decide we did see it. I asked Ken, "Do you remember how it ends?" Nope, me either. So, we watched it again! As for the movie, it's an excellent one, a mystery that ties into the prejudices against Japanese-Americans after World War II. Very well-done. As for the two of us, well, let's just say this isn't an isolated incident! Ken said to me, "At least you have CFIDS! What's my excuse??"
Hope you had a fun weekend and enjoyed some good movies, too!
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