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Moon & Fatigue

Posted Apr 02 2009 5:16pm

Some of you might remember that my doctor suggested to keep my eyes on correlation between moon phase and fatigue level.

Partly because of our curiosity, and partly because it sounded fun, I actually kept the record. I wasn’t expecting any relationship between them.

This is my method.

Program Used

I keep records in numbers in Excel Spreadsheet.

If you don’t have Excel Spreadsheet, Google Docs let you use free spreadsheet online. Then, I prepared the worksheet looking like this…










Waxing Crescent

Waxing Crescent

Waxing Crescent










Headache w/nausea

Headache w/nausea

I’m very fussy about presentation, although all I need was just date, % of moon phase and fatigue level. I also like to keep little note just in case.

Keep Records in Numbers

I like to see graphics; therefore I keep every record in numbers. When I was trying for the correlation between weather and fatigue, I kept weather record in numbers. Fine day as 1, Cloudy as 3, and Rain as 5. This experiment didn’t turn out good as numbers spread all over the place.

So…, this is how I categorise different level of fatigue.

Fatigue Level


Do not feel fatigue at rest. However, it appears with low graded activity.


Feel fatigue at rest. But doesn’t need much rest with low graded activity.


Feel fatigue at rest. However, can manage low graded activities with reasonable rest in between.


Feel fatigue at rest. Require a long and serious rest after low graded activity.


Struggle with fatigue. Attending essential daily task is impossible.

For your information, my fatigue base line is 3. When I’m 5, I’m a complete bedridden except for when I drag myself to go to toilet, or drag myself to let my dogs go out to their toilet. When I’m at 4.5, I’m mainly bedridden but somehow manage the very essential & limited daily chores.

My fatigue also fluctuates during the day. If I’m confused or cannot decide which level I was for the day, I tend to rely on how I felt when I wake up. As you can see, there are lots of guess work involved in here, depending on the level of activity you have during the day.

And I mean low graded activity is something I can do without increasing pulse or use muscle power.

If you like, you can use 10 intervals instead of 5. But I found it confuses me a lot.

Checking Moon Phase

I don’t go out and check the moon every night. I use this useful Google Gadget. And keep the record of moon phase in numbers or %.


After those preparations, just keep the records everyday. Then, you can produce a chart.So…, what do you think? Is there any relationship between moon phase and my fatigue level?


I guess it’s too early to form an opinion or to make conclusion. But I see my fatigue level increase couple days after the New Moon, which I didn’t expect. Does this make me a lunatic?

I might keep the record for a little bit longer and see if it is just a coincident or not.

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