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Milestone Looks Like Minestrone

Posted Jun 09 2009 11:15pm
It's (tentatively) official: I'm moving on from the infectious phase of my treatment. I know, I know... I spazzed prematurely back in Feb or March and said this already, and this was my dinner for a week...what, you've never heard of the Aviarian diet? Anyway it was because I realized the limitations of doing energetic testing by myself that I've been so cautiously optimistic about the Bionic.

About 4 weeks ago, I got my first zyto evaluation done. Borrelia showed up. Barely. (The zyto can quantitatively measure severity of issues.) The person doing my scan told me I'm the first "lyme patient" to have such a clean eval. I thought it was a fluke, so I got another zyto scan done by one of the more reputable practitioners that uses zyto, and he found the same thing: borrelia showed up, but bugs for the most part are not an issue. My primary energetic doctor tested me for lyme via muscle-testing the following week and I tested negative. I interpret the discrepancy this way: the energetic frequency of lyme may still be in the body, but lyme is no longer making my body weak. As chance would have it, I met another energetic practitioner the following week that uses the epfx/scio eval & biofeedback for lyme disease. She found virtually no infections, said "This is the cleanest chart I've ever seen," and went so far as to half-joke, "I don't believe you have lyme." If only she'd seen me back in 2008, when I was IGM positive per CDC criteria. When you're sick with infections for this long, it really takes time for a major milestone to sink him. But here I was today, at my primary again today in SM...and she did a scan of all the major infections I've dealt with and pronounced that we're moving on.

Now I can say with a moderate amount of confidence that when you know exactly what pathogens you're dealing with, this machine really gets the job done as well as any I've heard of on the market. This is not to say I'm rid of infections. We're never rid of infections entirely, and whether they're pathogenic has more to do with the terrain (intracellular & extracellular pH, aerobic metabolism) than what bugs you have.

Here is an excellent quote by Dr. Saul Pressman: "Rife showed that by altering the environment by adding adrenaline, friendly bacteria such as bacillus coli could be converted into the 'pathogenic' bacteria known as typhoid, then into viral forms associated with polio, then tuberculosis, then cancer."

For all you chronically-ill patients out there, I invite you to live and breathe this quote. Don't let your mind and other minds inspire health terrorism and convince your body & spirit it needs to kill to recover. We were born with health. Our job is reconnect with it.

So yesterday and today, two of my doctors did a spot check of "what now?" and their conclusions were the same: heavy metals, toxins, and emotions. My main symptom is fatigue now, so I wanted my doctor to ask my body today what proportion of what issue was contributing to my fatigue. She got 30% heavy metals, 30% toxins, 40% emotions. This is what my intuition told me, and this is what they confirmed. And they're more intricately tied than they may seem. I've spoken often of Klinghardt's paradigm of disease: subconscious conflict -> altered terrain -> metals & toxins -> infections. But in Chinese medicine, emotions that do not get released become lodged in certain organs. Every emotion has a certain vibrational frequency, and we know that heavy metals are conductors. Why is it that the chronically-ill get headaches when near wifi & other EMF radiation? Heavy metals. This fundamental electromagnetic conductance of metals happens with respect to emotional energy too.

To put this in perspective, I have been chelating heavy metals for the last year with the best chelators money can buy. 3 months ago, my primary tested that I still had 50% of my original metallic load. As high as that seemed them, today she tested that I was still at 50%!!!

I cannot emphasize it enough. Many of us need to treat our emotions, or else our organs will never be able to release the metals. These metals & toxins can become lodged in the inner mitochondrial membrane and prevent proper functioning of the krebs cycle, which would lead to the reliance on anaerobic metabolism that I've been experiencing for years.

So I have a lot of work to do, but I can finally say my work is paying off. One pillar down, two more to go. I will continue treating subconscious conflicts with MFT tapping, NAET, affirmations, yogic breathing, meditation, and every possible tool I can think of. Hell I'll even burn my shit list into an urn every night if I have to.

I beg of all of the patients out there...don't let your ego get in the way of identifying and treating subconscious conflict. Please be open to the possibility that they contain energetic frequencies, just like anything else. The only difference is that your limbic system is sending these frequencies out all day long, amplifying the frequencies through your meridians consciously and subconsciously, until the moment you decide to actively reverse the process. Emotional conflicts are no different physiologically than chemical addictions. I've been treating them with an open mind for the last 2-3 months, and they're still my biggest obstacle to recovery. This is easily the hardest & most frustrating step because 1) it involves taking 100% ownership of our health, and 2) the ego is too caught up in perception to allow us to believe that working on our emotions will resolve problems with, say, cellular biology.

So you should ask utterly rejecting the possibility that this might really help, am I being:
a) purely scientific and confining myself to one paradigm among many that are proven to exist?
b) macho and letting the girls get first dibs at recovery?
c) ignorant because ignorance is bliss although I haven't been blissful since I got sick?
d) just lazy?
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