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Melatonin Update

Posted Dec 09 2010 9:50am

The prescription melatonin showed signs that it was helping me to fall in sleep and waking up in the morning. It was amazing to be able to sleep without waiting for hours and hours. I could say that Melatonin also improved the quality of sleep, which improved my fatigue level. It was strange, but very nice, to wake up without feeling exhausted.

A night before the research blood collection was the last night of three-week melatonin treatment. Despite of the irregular sleep in order to attend the morning session, the effect of Melatonin lasted another 4 nights.

Then, suddenly…, I could not sleep again. Also the time I could wake up and get out from the bed was getting later and later. The change was so clear that I believe it has to be Melatonin. I NEED Melatonin to stay feeling okay.

This may be just me, but I also I had shocking nightmares when my brain shift between melatonin saturated(?) and melatonin draught stages…

Dr TL is simply happy that I have another medicine/supplement that clearly helps my condition. The only reason he would hesitate giving me another prescription is the price. It is too expensive for continuing treatment.

So, I’m seriously considering purchasing it from online shop. I’m not sure how prescription be used in this case. I’m assuming I just place an order with the shop, and if Australian Customs House inspect it and demand to see the prescription, Dr TL would provide one for me.

He has no objection about obtaining economical product from online shop based on Melatonin helps my condition and he hasn’t heard any negative story about using online Melatonin so far.

However, his general concerns about purchasing supplements and medicine through online shop (overseas shop) was there. He gave me stories about factory employees sabotage ingredients so that the product has no effective ingredients, or customers end up with heaps of medications that could last for a year which would expires within a month. I also remember that he had expressed his concern about extreme temperature during the air transport that could tarnish the quality of medicine/supplements.

Even if I don’t need prescription for Melatonin, I prefer to talk about it with Dr TL anyway. We are the team in treating my ME/CFS. I always get benefit (some were unexpected) by sharing thoughts and opinions with him.

I did my homework. From what I saw on the website, I’m sure they are aware of factory credibility and product expiration issues. According to my friend’s feedback, I believe their products are genuine.

In a meantime, I take another 3 week prescription melatonin while I do a bit more research on online shops and products.

I’m very lucky to have a generous friend, who provided me with information and her experiences. She also gave me an un-open bottle of melatonin to try before I purchase it by myself. This could last half year!

I’m also thinking about purchasing Vitamin D3 supplement from the online shop, since the local chemist no longer stock economical Vitamin D3 anymore.

Melatonin and Vitamin D3 are both hormone which our body produce naturally. So, I wonder if this suggests that my body is not producing certain critical hormones.


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