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Mace Class Guide in 2Moons

Posted Feb 05 2010 7:14pm
Mace Class Guide in 2MoonsDate:02-05-2010 views: 5 Author: Editor: lj Text Size: A A A Dear players, glad to see you in our site. We are wonder why no one in 2Moons likes to use the mace except for a few select people. With the right build and strategy the two-hand mace or single mace can be an aggressive and powerful force in pvp and pve. I have collect this guide from other website, I sincerely hope it can help you more or less. These are all the skills for the Mace Class. Mace Bash (level 7): a single hit low level skill that does meager damage in comparison to other high level(2moons dil) skills. Armor Breaker (level 27): a single hit skill that breaks the opponent’s defense lowering it significantly but, is not useful at higher levels. Mace Bash (level 51): the first AOE skill you get in the mace class and the only aoe skill out of axes, swords, and maces level 51 skills. This is a great skill to have for all levels due to its stun effect and damage. Solar Evil (level 80): the highest level(2moons powerleveling) skill you get in the mace class and the best. It does 4 hits of AOE damage and the last hit is a stun attack. A must have for pve and pvp. I hope you enjoyed my guide to the 2moons. It will likely go through a lot of changes in the future. You can still pay attention on it from our site.
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