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Lyme theory update

Posted Nov 24 2009 10:02pm
Hey People,

I had my appointment with my tropical specialist on Monday. He feels that I don't have Lyme. He said that I don't seem to have had a positive reaction to the treatment, which is what he would have expected. Instead he said a lot of my symptoms persisted throughout with some intensifying. Due to this he is closing the door on the Lyme theory. He did say we could try some more treatment at a higher dose for a while, but didn't really see the point. All of this kind of threw me as I felt all the strong reactions I was having, was possibly herxing... He dismissed this and said he would have expected me to be worse at the beginning and then improve and that most people improve after 2 weeks. I asked him if he thought this would be the case if even someone had it for four years... His answer was yes.

As you can imagine this all left me very confused. I respect the mans opinion and he was nice to me. So, I didn't even push for more treatment as I felt if he was falling on that side of the fence it is not worth it. He says there is nothing more he can do for me. I felt overwhelmed with confusion after. Of course I might not have Lyme. However, that little voice is still niggling inside me. I just don't think it should be dismissed so easily. Why was I reacting so strongly to the antibiotics? Although I felt at times my symptoms were a little less unpleasant, they were more constant.... I also felt very ill on the flagyl, especially the second night when I woke up feeling VERY ill, as if something nasty was pumping around my body and I was jerking all over the place and felt very fluey and as if my body was swollen???? 

I guess all the above could be due to the possible toxic effects of the antibiotics and maybe my body was just sensitive to this??? I have been getting mild rashes on my face and the palms of my hands. It is all blotchy red and white, kinda like corn beef... Strange... I will be keeping an eye on this. Anyway, I have made a decision. I am not going to take any more antibiotics for now, as I'm sick of the whole guessing game thing. I've been consistently sick for 8 weeks now except about four days here and there. I want to try and enjoy Christmas and my 30th Birthday in early January. I am definitely going to order a full Lyme panel test kit and co-infections test kit from Igenex in the US. If the results all come back clear then I am going to close the door on my Lyme theory for good. I feel the test is the easiest and the least stressful next step on me. 

I'm off the doxi just over a week and unfortunately my back rash, which had really cleared up is coming back and getting itchy again... I will leave this issue for a while. I am really sick of my sleep problems. I suffer from bad insomnia and disturbed sleep. I have been on Melatonin and 5HTP supplements for a year, which help a bit some times. But they are no helping nearly enough and I am sick of it. There is some serious imbalances in my brain as far as I can tell. I am never going to improve if I am not sleeping well. I have been trying to hold off on taking low dose anti-depressants for this. I was on them a few years ago and they helped. I am going to be going to my Doctor on Thursday and discuss going back on them. Something has to give... I am really worn out and can't seem to see a gap in the clouds. I haven't really improved overall over the last year and some of my symptoms are getting worse. I would imagine an anti-depressant will definitely help with some of my problems.

So that's all my news for now.

I hope you're all well...

Treya  :  )
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