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Lung Function

Posted Jan 08 2011 3:31am

My lung function continue to improve. I’m performing extraordinary PFM these days. Dr TL speculates that it could be a record for my condition. And we both agreed that having swimmer’s lungs is helping the exceptional performance.

My PFM record is nearly the double from the first struggling records. Before that period, my body/lungs were too weak to blow the breath strong enough to be recognised by Spirometer machine… Adding that to the formula, the improvement in my lung function is miraculous.

However, it didn’t make him doubt about ME/CFS. He says that better lung function helps ME/CFS suffering less.

Achieving the doubled PFM performance is our goal this year. And it looks possible.

Once Dr TL diagnosed me with COPD and gave the right medication, the improvement was obvious and the speed is like a bullet. He actually put extra efforts to get me the sample of the medication to try first. He also cares about his patients’ financial situation.

I would like to mention that I never smoked. I hate the smell of cigarette. I really shouldn’t have COPD. It is a result of second-hand smoking from heavy smoking father in childhood.

Most of people with COPD are smokers. And major management strategy for COPD is to quit smoking. It makes me feel I don’t belong to “people with COPD”.

Unlike ME/CFS, COPD is straight forward in diagnosing and treating. At least that is how I feel. Diagnosing was bit tricky for me. If Dr TL didn’t think about the possibility of passive smoking in my childhood, my lung problem would be still bad or getting worse.

I cannot explain, but my lungs still have problem according to the last Spirometer Test result. Somehow, in my opinion, improving lung function is covering the other problem.

I’m on the waiting list to see a specialist at the local hospital. In the letter from the hospital, they requested me to keep seeing my GP regularly until I see the specialist. Noting the problems in hospital system, I wouldn’t be surprised if I would be still waiting in few years time. Since I’m under excellent care from my GP, I’m not really worried about it at this stage.

At my latest meeting with Dr TL, I broke my personal PFM record again.


Dr TL and I are proud of each other. We take this seriously, but fun way. He cheers me or calms me, and reminds me to accumulate mental focus and visualisation. We call it “Bushi-do” or Samurai philosophy. Because he gives me the instruction and I follow, he is my “Sensei” or Master/teacher.

He teased I would make other people jealous because of the improvement. I think other people would be jealous because he told me I’m his best student. LOL.

I’m blessed with online friends. I’m sure they would be very happy for my improvement, despite of each one’s current struggling symptoms.

So, I teased him back that he would be famous and everyone wants to see him. He protested he doesn’t want to be famous. I know. He just wants to be a good doctor. And he is already a good doctor.

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