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Low Pulse Rate

Posted by Sumita Kumbhani

I am 32 years old Married female with one daughter and had coughing Problem till about 3 years back. This problem persisted for 2 years and  I am fine now and free form these problems. I am strongly allergic to dist , smoke , smell , odour. For the last 15 days , I feel that my pulse rate decreases 3 to 4 times a day and I feel uncomfortable. This feeling remains from 10 min to about 1 Hour sometimes,. Please advise the probably cause of this and the necessary action to be taken by me.


For last 2 weeks, we are using mosquito Repellant Coils which gives fumes. Can this have any effect on the above problem.  


Kindly send me reply on my email id or send me link to your Posting which takes me to the right section of your website.




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Could you give brief description if anyone from your family has the problem. Also which city you are in which is also important.

Dr V. Rangarajan

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