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Low Expectations

Posted Dec 18 2012 7:37pm
How's this for a cold splash of water on the face? My lawyer just called about my disability hearing tomorrow.
There are 5 disability judges in Delaware, and we have the 3rd lowest approval rating of all 50 states! He said he can tell by the way the schedule is arranged tomorrow that it will be one of 3 judges. Two of those have approval rates of 20% - that puts them among the lowest 10-15% of all the Social Security judges in the entire nation!! So, I have a 67% chance of getting a judge who almost always says no. Very discouraging! 
The whole process is just so unfair - the mere fact that it relies on which judge you get rather than the merits of your case is just crazy.
Wish me luck - I have a feeling tomorrow will be a difficult day emotionally.
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