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Low-down on ME/CFS - Part 5: My Own Symptoms

Posted Aug 26 2008 4:29pm

Many people become confused by the number of different symptoms involved in this illness and indeed when I was researching prior to diagnosis, I found I had many more symptoms than the documents described. I later found that most of my symptoms were experienced by other sufferers - I wasn't going crazy. In view of this and the lack of 'real ' data I have decided to provide my own list of symptoms. Hopefully this may show you the range that can be experienced. However, no two sufferers are alike - some exhibit less or even more symptoms; they may be bedbound, or housebound but able to move about, some may be able to do some physical activity, others may even be able to work part or full-time...we are all very different and as such will present different symptoms in differing degrees!

My Personal Symptom List

Extreme Fatigue and exhaustion

No stamina for exertion – weakness and fatigue after normal physical activity (e.g. standing up, brushing hair, taking a shower etc.)

Weakness in limbs – loss of muscle power

Feelings of shakiness

Visible tremors


Type 1) On standing – Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia

Type 2) Vertigo

Myoclonus - jerking movements

Itching, pins and needles and vibration like sensations particularly in hands, feet, limbs and stomach.


Shooting pains across head and into the back of eyes

Objects in peripheral vision shake and move about

Pain in eyes


Muffled hearing

Ear pain

Hearing Loss

Noise Sensitivity

Slurred speech

Memory Problems and Forgetfulness

Word-finding Difficulties

Concentration Difficulties

Irritable bowel – diarrhoea, constipation and pain

Stomach pain

Low blood sugar attacks


Muscle Pain

Pain in joints of hands and feet

Poor circulation in hands and feet

Disequilibrium - frequent falls


Clumsiness - dropping things. bumping into and tripping over objects


Hot flushes/ sweats/ chills



Sleep reversal



Shortness of breath (on exertion)

Palpitations and pain in chest

Pain in the armpits and groin

Jaw pain during the act of chewing


Panic Attacks


Mood swings


Frequent viral illnesses/continued flu-like feelings

For more information on the range of symptoms check out my other posts titled THE FEATURES OF ME/CFS, LOW-DOWN ON ME/CFS - PARTS 1,2 AND 3 AND MY OWN DANCE WITH THE SANDMAN.

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