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Lost 30 pounds by making 6 switches

Posted Jun 03 2010 9:20pm
On January 1st, of this year, I made a decision to no longer make New Year resolutions.  I have come to the place that, for me personally, these types of commitments or contracts, if you will, are more negative producing than naught.  However, I had a goal I wanted to work on so I needed to determine how I would complete it.

The first thing I knew I needed to do was to figure out what I would not do.  I knew I was not going to give up things I loved.  I knew I would not be exercising (for practical purposes – as I can’t exercise consistently). I knew I didn’t have a set dead line and I knew I would no longer even consider ‘dieting’.  I was so done with that.  So I decided I would start losing weight by…


As a result of not being active, over-eating, and exhaustion eating, I found myself on January 1, 2010, one hundred pounds (100) over weight.  Most people are stunned when they learn the truth, but that, unfortunately, was my reality.  I knew I needed to lose weight for a variety of reasons.

One, I had to feel better pain wise as a result of not carrying all that extra weight.

Two, my right knee has several torn muscles that would benefit from less weight put on them.

Three, it would be an emotional boost.

Four, with some research suggesting heart problems in CFIDS, I knew less weight would be a positive as well.

Five, I just wanted to get back into my old size and not have to purchase ‘large’ clothes anymore.

I knew I could do this because I have a track record of completing my goals behind me that I could look at to motivate me, but I needed to do it in a way that worked within the boundaries of CFIDS.  For me, that way was switching.  I decided to switch from one ‘not so healthy’ item to something that was much more healthy ever single month.  Each month I would make one new switch.  Simple.  Direct.  Easy.  Thus, in the past 6 months, I have made the following 6 switches.

  1. January – switched from coke (except when sick) to (mostly decaf) tea, (decaf) coffee, and water.
  2. February – switched from butter to Ghee.
  3. March – switched from my favorite Scottish butter cookies to organic ginger snaps.
  4. April – switched from white rice to brown rice.
  5. May – switched from ginger snaps to gluten free peanut butter cookies/cut out most gluten products.
  6. June – switched from all meats to mainly fish and chicken. (only Alaskan wild caught fish and farm raised chicken)

Those are the only switches I made!  I didn’t exercise except when able and I did nothing more in that category except slow walking.  No dieting.  No pills.  No skipping meals.  Nothing.  Here is an example of what a meal or snack might look like today.

Mushroom Rosemary Omelette with Fruit

Veggie Salad with Eggs and homemade Rosemary Dressing

A snack of my favorite cheese, Brie (from France) and farm fresh Strawberries

As a result of joining my local co-op, Natural Farms, I am now eating 60% of my diet raw.  I had a little trouble adjusting the first month, but now, I love it.  I thought it would be hard to do when I was wiped out, but truth be told, grabbing a fruit and some cheese is a no brainer.  I usually have some veggies and fruit already sliced up just in case.  I also have been making soups ahead for those days I don’t feel like cooking.

The great thing about this new way of eating, however, is that I am still eating out, still eating ice cream (Haagan daz 5 ingredients – Coffee), and still eating my cookies or whatever I want for snacks.  I eat what I want when I want.  No weighing.  No counting calories.  Not counting fats.  Nothing.

Here is a photo of what my veggie/fruit bag looks like that I get delivered every week.

Veggie/Fruit Bag

This will usually last me about eight -ten (8 – 10) days so I have a little overlap.  Now the awesome news.  Since January 1st, I have now lost 30 pounds and 20 inches!  Yup!  Amazing.  So much for all those ’specialists’ who declare we must exercise ourselves silly in order to lose weight.  I would say, not so much.

In the first four months of this year, I averaged about four to five (4-5) pounds of weight loss a month.  However, in May I got quite the surprise.  I lost TEN (10) pounds!  I was stunned!  I’m totally stoked.  I have been wanting to lose weight for a while but deciding what to do has been a quandry.  Joining my local co-op and buying all my food farm raised was a great decision.  Then doing the ’switch’ proved to be the key for me.

One side note, however.  Eating this way has meant I need to take my digestive enzymes at every meal and keep on top of the pro-biotics and nightly colon cleanse, otherwise, I get a little constipated.  Too much fiber is a challenge for me since developing CFIDS.  As long as a take the pro-biotics, digestive enzymes and cleanse, though, I am good to go.

What a great way to start summer!  :-)

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