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Life Without Beta Blockers

Posted Mar 11 2011 10:15am
Well, if I had any doubts about the positive effects of beta blockers for me, this morning I had a stark reminder.  As I posted earlier this week ( Treating ME/CFS with Beta Blockers ), I've been able to be more active since I started taking beta blockers - they help to decrease my heart rate and hold my blood pressure steady, diminishing the negative effects of Orthostatic Intolerance.

Well, this morning, I got up with a plan to get groceries.  As is my routine now, I usually sit on the couch with my feet up for an hour or so while I wait for the beta blockers to kick in, before I do anything active.  So, here it is 10 am already, and my heart was still pounding like crazy!  My heart rate monitor shows my heart rate is over 100 just sitting here, and when I got up to grab something from the other room, it jumped up to 115!  I'm thinking, "What the heck is going on today?" 

Then I realize...I forgot to take my beta blockers this morning!  I normally keep them on my bathroom sink and take two as soon as I wake up, but I moved them to the kitchen yesterday to add them to my lunchtime medicine box and forgot to put them back upstairs.

I had hoped to be at the grocery store by now, but instead I am lying on the couch with my heart pounding, feeling crashed.  I hope it's not too late and I didn't already crash myself just from making breakfast and doing the dishes.  So, I am waiting...and hoping.

Meanwhile, Craig is still home sick - his 6th day.  Yesterday morning, after 3 days on antibiotics, he still had a fever of 102 degrees, but we are seeing a small improvement this morning.  This has been a really bad one for him.

Still waiting....
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