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Life is kinder but ME/CFS is still kicking my butt!

Posted Mar 08 2011 1:00am

I’m nicely ensconced back in my apartment, thankfully.  As a result of this relapse, I have moved my bed into the living room temporarily.  I figure it is 20+ steps less that I have to take to go into the kitchen so that can only help.

On Sunday, I actually thought the relapse might be easing a bit as the morning was the best I have had in weeks.  But I crashed like a bull in a china shop in the afternoon and have been pretty much wiped out since.

I’m not even up to company very much and that is really unusual.  I always love to have visitors from time to time.  Even on a bad day.

If you could only see how little I am doing.  This is huge for me.  I can always find a way to do something!  ;-)

I really have been resting a lot and most of it is because I really am too wiped to do any more than that.  When I have small windows of energy, I do what I need too and then go back to ‘listening’ to a  new audio book.

Today I really needed to get my posts done which were easy because we are on the verge of another story coming up on Invisible Awareness dot org this Saturday. I’ve been saving up my energy to get the post ready and have it on my blogs for Saturday.

We now have stories submitted and ready for March, April, May, June and July!

I know my readers are thoroughly enjoying Laura Hillenbrand’s new book so I am glad to share with you that Laura has granted me permission to share her story on Invisible Awareness dot org on May 12th, ME/CFS International Awareness Day!

I’m really thankful and humbled that she is allowing me to share her story with you, and thus, with many other people who probably still think this illness is nothing more that laziness, fatigue, or whatnot!

Thursday of this week, I cross-posted my column for February here as it explains how I came to the decision to start Invisible Awareness dot org .  So make sure you come by and read it!  :-)

One last thing.  I have had several people ask me about my eyes.  For the most part, the reduction of reading with my eyes, or typing with my eyes, as well as, shielding my eyes from light when they start to bother me, has helped some.  My eyes, basically, feel like I have the flu in them.

Once in a great while, I will realize I am having a moment where they don’t hurt but that is pretty rare at the moment.

I’m still having a lot of problem with the sand-like sensation and watering in my eyes as well.

My lymph nodes continue to swell and become painful, my voice has yet to return to normal and I’m still repeatedly crashing over really minor stuff.  I’m also dealing with that darn ringing in the ears.  Ugh.  That really drives me crazy some days.

I have to say, I have had a day or two where I have become quite testy and impatient.  But then I remember I have it so much better than so many people.  I have a roof over my head, food to eat and tons of audio books.

And now I have a personal assistant and I’m back in my apartment.  Two more months and I will be writing my posts and articles from my new couch (God willing) so I can’t complain.

I even am very close to finishing the bathroom.

So even though my body is kicking my butt, life seems to have decided to be just a little kinder to me for the time being.

And for that…I’m always thankful for.

Well…back to resting and working at doing nothing! ;-)

Determined to continue forward,

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