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Life, don't talk to me about life . . . .

Posted Aug 11 2010 12:00am
I'm having a bit of a Marvin moment. My diodes ache all down my left side. My mood is plummeting. I'm at that stage of the plummet where everything is a disaster and it's hardly worth pinning the tail back on. Oh, sorry, that's Eeyore not Marvin. One is feeling a little sorry for oneself. In a day or so I'll 'bottom out' and start climbing up the other side. I always do, it's just my pattern.

Why this might be more marked than usual is that I've given sugar the push this week (my favourite DoC) and I'm taking antibiotics for my sinuses. I fell off the good diet wagon about two months ago and, apart from being haunted by The Fats, I know I was flirting with disaster as sugar is as bad as smoking for me. So I gave myself a good (caring) talking to, and have cleaned up my act. Which is a bummer because I'd just perfected my fruit bar recipe. I'll have to come up with a low carb version.

Time to pull up the shutters and put the 'closed' sign up. Unfortunately I have rather a lot to do in the next few days. I might have to prune it back a bit. And also curb my use of metaphors.
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