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Letter to a Long Lost Friend

Posted Feb 26 2011 4:25pm
Dear Sleep,

Oh where have you been? It's been so long! Each night I hope I will get at least 7 or  8 hours with you. But it never happens! I am so exhausted each night. I read for at least 20 minutes and then my eyes start to close. I turn the light out... but nothing happens. I just lay there. But I don't get it because I'm so tired! I don't even have any stressful things on my mind!

Last night after an hour or two, I finally broke down and took an Ambien. But that really didn't do me any good at all! I eventually fell asleep for an hour or two, but I still woke up super early around 3:30. Ambien is not very reliable. I would like to try other medications, but since I'm thinking about starting a family I really don't want to get too attached to any drug. I suppose this is what what motherhood is like anyhow. So maybe this is preparation?

Without you, I'm useless. I wake up with a bad headache and sore throat. It takes me even longer to get going. My brain is a complete fog. My already small energy envelope shrinks down and I can't really do much at all. I sometimes will try to play catch up and take a quick nap in the day. However, I never actually sleep during my nap. Oh how I miss you so! Hope to see you soon.

                                                                                              Your Biggest Fan,
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