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Laughter is the Best Medicine

Posted May 16 2011 4:37pm
I don't know if it's my strict paleo diet  or the vitamins, but this past week was a better week for me. I noticed that when I took my naps, I would want to get up after only fifteen minutes. Usually when I'm having a bad day and I lay down for a nap, I can be out for an hour or two. Mornings are still tough for me especially because my allergies have been out of whack!  On the plus side, I haven't had any joint pain, brain fog or body aches. I notice when I eat grains and sugars, all of those symptoms get immediately worse. My sleeping habits have improved and I've been getting seven to nine hours a night! Losing seven pounds was also a big plus! Overall, I just feel more like myself. 

My husband and I have been housebound the past few weekends since I was going through a pretty bad crash. We enjoyed getting caught up on season 3 of The Tudors and getting some spring cleaning done. However since I was feeling better, I decided we needed to get out. And more than anything, we needed a good laugh.

This past Saturday night, like most normal, healthy couples, we went out on a date night! With my diet I prefer to cook at home to eating out. After enjoying a delicious home cooked dinner of sauteed zucchini and summer squash and filet mignon, we went to the movies. We decided on the 7:15 showing of Bridesmaids  in our local theater which is conveniently five minutes away. As we were waiting for the show to begin, my husband leaned over and asked me, "How does it feel to be out amongst the living?" I chuckled. When you have CFS, it's so great to escape and get out, especially when you've recovered from a bad crash! 

We wanted to laugh. And boy oh boy, did  Bridesmaids  deliver. It was hysterical! It was such a great distraction from all of my health issues! It was just what the doctor ordered! There were multiple times in this movie that I was laughing so hard it hurt. Although I do prefer the comfort of watching a movie on my couch, it was fun to be cracking up with the jam packed audience. (Although sometimes it took a while for the audience to quiet back down, so I missed a few lines. I can't wait to watch it again at home!) The only bummer was the movie got out pretty late. As a result, I was in bed by 11, which is late for me. I'm usually asleep by 10. I took it easy on Sunday and didn't crash. 

Along with practicing my breath work on a daily basis, I'm going to try and take time to laugh each day. Some things that make me laugh each day are watching my goofy dog, Raven, play, watching Ellen (I love her!! She cracks me up!), chatting with my husband, my silly niece or nephew or a funny friend, and even, laughing at myself when I do something completely clutsy! What makes you laugh? If it takes you a while to answer, then you probably need to laugh more :) Go ahead! It's good for you!

For more information on why laughter is the best medicine, read this  article .

 ‎"If you are too busy to laugh, you are too busy." ~Proverb
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