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Keys to Abusive Behavior in Treatment of ME/CFS patients

Posted Jun 06 2009 10:16pm
I trawl the net every day in an effort to find the best stories about M.E., this next one is a corker and a MUST READ. The article can be found on ME-CFS COMMUNITY.COM. I urge you to take a look at this talented writers' work. In this particular piece she equates the relationship between an abusive partner or parent to the mental health movement and the hidden abuse they inflict.

From Slightly Alive, unpublished book manuscript, Mary M. Schweitzer, Ph.D., ©2009

As I read back through the psychiatric studies used to back the therapies of CBT and GET, and also as I began to read the mammoth and brilliant piece of work just released by Malcolm Hooper:

The Mental Health Movement: Persecution of Patients?

I found myself thinking about the steps that an abusive spouse or parent takes to perpetrate the crime. People often ask victims of abuse, "Why didn't you report this the first time it happened?" The victim generally has no good answer, because he or she has been the unwitting subject of a psychological campaign by the abuser to prevent any disclosure of what is going on. Here are the main means by which abusers are able to continue their cruelty for years.

1. Isolate the victim
2. Tell the victim nobody will believe his/her story.
3. Threaten the victim with harm if he/she tries to tell the story anyway....
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