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Just. So. Exhausted.

Posted Jul 06 2013 11:18am
I had good intentions this week to write a couple of in-depth blog posts, but I am still struggling - every day - just to get through the day and do all the necessary stuff for daily life.

My youngest son is off his crutches now, in PT, and feeling great. I no longer have to wait on him, fetching food, ice packs, video games, etc...BUT now that he's back on his feet, he wants to make up for lost time with his friends. I spent much of the week ferrying him around town - picking up his friends, taking them to the pool, and the driving range, plus he and I had a bunch of appointments. Lots of driving time this week. We had a houseful of teens here on the 4th of July, so I spent much of the day cooking!

So, I woke up this morning feeling totally exhausted. I really, really wanted to take a walk before it got too hot this morning, but there is no way I could manage that today. I am resigned to yet another day of feeling exhausted. Sore throat and aches are creeping in, too.

I think my other problem is that with the long days, I am waking too early. I always wake as soon as it starts to get light out, despite room-darkening shades and an eye mask. I can usually manage to stay in bed, dozing lightly, until about 8 am, but that is it. So, I suppose I need to get to bed earlier, but I already head upstairs at 9:30 pm! And I really enjoy my little bit of reading time before lights out.

Didn't mean to write a whiny post - just trying to explain why I haven't been writing much lately. Soooo worn out...
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