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Just Coasting...

Posted Feb 25 2010 12:33pm
My kids are finally both back in school, but I'm still not getting much of anything done and am feeling rather useless.

I'm not horribly crashed, like I need to crawl back into bed and seriously rest, but I've had moderate CFS symptoms all week and am completely lacking in the kind of drive and motivation I need to actually get any work done. I can manage to lie on the couch with my laptop and do various mindless things, like blurt out my stream-of-consciousness thoughts on this blog, pay bills, and check my bank balance, but I've been completely unable to do what I really need to do - write new pitches and send them out to magazines or put together a large stack of insurance claims and mail them. It's like I'm kind of on autopilot, coasting, with absolutely no creative energy at all. It's frustrating, after finally having a quiet house to myself after so many weeks.

I guess it's just like this sometimes, right? I feel like I should be doing more, but I just can't get my brain out of first gear (or I guess it's in neutral if I'm coasting...).

I know I should stop putting pressure on myself and just go with the flow, but this to-do list keeps taunting me. I've tried to do some of the minor tasks, just to feel a small sense of accomplishment. It helps a little, but I still feel guilty, like I should be capable of doing more.

Just writing this makes me realize I'm probably sicker than I've been admitting this week and need to take it easy and stop feeling bad about it. sigh... In my pre-CFS life, I was always busy, always productive and well-motivated. Even after 8 years, it's still hard some days to accept that I can't do more. The past 6 months have been so rough. I hope spring brings on brighter days and more energy.
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