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June 2011 ME Story: Linda Wescott

Posted Jun 12 2011 1:00am

"June 2001 ME Story" We are now onto our fifth story of this year.  I find it amazing as I read each new story, how vastly different they are … and yet … how similar they are.

Linda’s story, for me personally, was quite riveting.  I was completely taken in the very first time I read it.  Here is a excerpt of her unique and captivating story:

As I stopped to look around, a  “sensation”  shot up the left side of my neck, then up the back of my head, which spread to the top, down and across into my forehead.  That resulted in a weird kind of a headache.

Not giving it a lot of thought as I was certain it was from doing too much or perhaps being out in the sun, and with so much to be done, I popped a couple of ibuprofen and continued on with our busy schedule.  The headache continued on the rest of the day, relieved only for four-hour periods and the taking of more ibuprofen.

I later thought a good night’s sleep would surely relieve it, but it didn’t … it only became worse.  In addition to the headache, there was now an extreme, strange kind of fatigue setting in.

You will definitely want to check out the rest of her story at Becoming VISIBLE 4ME !

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For too long, too many people have not heard our stories as many of us have not been fully engaged in society.  So, we can never share our stories with too many people.

Determined to continue forward,

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