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July 2011 Story : Susannah

Posted Jul 12 2011 11:32am

"July 2011 Story Susannah" Can you believe it?  Becoming VISIBLE 4ME is now in it’s 6th month!  This year just seems to be flying by.

Susannah holds a special distinction in that she is our first British ME story.  I met Susannah several months ago and have become fast friends with her.  She has a wonderful heart and spirit.  I think you will really enjoy getting to know her through her personal story and testimony.

Here is an excertp from her story,

I was at work one day in 1997, (Ironically I don’t remember the actual date, due to my swiss cheese-like memory, but it was the beginning of summer) on an Ear, Nose & Throat ward, when I very suddenly started feeling very, very ill.

I was trying to just finish my shift so I could find my way home on the bus and collapse in bed, thinking that I must have a chest infection or something coming on. (Those are regular occurrences in my life due to having the wonderful combination of asthma, & a crappy immune system).

I remember I felt so extremely exhausted that I could hardly hold my head up. I was bending over my paperwork at the nurses desk, struggling to concentrate – the noise of the ward pounding around my head, when a nurse standing behind me uttered a startled cry. Turns out I had a gland literally the size of a golf ball on the side of my neck. Lovely!

To read Susannah’s story in full, you can go here .

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For too long, too many people have not heard our stories as many of us have not been fully engaged in society.  So, we can never share our stories with too many people.

Determined to continue forward,

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