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Jingle all the way

Posted Dec 21 2009 12:00am
We are having proper, cold Winter weather at the moment. I'm wearing two pairs of socks, leggings under my jeans and the heaviest jumper I could find. It always takes me a few days to acclimatise to a change in the weather and a new weather front can bring on a crash. I think I may have bottomed out of this one but it's been a tough few days.

AJ picked up his four year old son on Friday night as it was an access weekend. The poor child was exhausted from a week of full on Christmas at school and probably hadn't been to bed before ten o'clock for days. He just couldn't cope with anything much and every single event such as meal times, bed time, or trip out was accompanied by a tantrum or a falling over. My inner four year old was feeling much the same and I withdrew and let the two of them get on with it.

Somehow, as the weekend progressed, we found some equilibrium between us and managed to buy a small tree and put it up. AJ even found some mistletoe in the woods and some sprays of ivy. We were glad we bothered. We were grumpy and had arguments about the best pot to put the tree in and, of course, little R couldn't wait for the lights to get organised and spread lametta all over the carpet while he was waiting. But we were glad. It suddenly felt like home.

I rested most of Sunday and was well enough to go out carol singing in the evening. Some of our neighbours are trying to instigate a tradition and had sent out an invitation earlier in the week. They said, if you couldn't get out, to give them a ring and they'd arrange for the group to stop outside the house and sing to you. I actually rang them on Sunday morning to request a serenade I was feeling so rubbish. However, the next door neighbours came round later and persuaded me to come out with them. AJ was doing the long drive to drop off his son and missed it unfortunately. We tried to join the singers in the pub later, but went to the wrong pub! Anyway, I went out, met some people, sang a few carols and ate a mince pie. I thought I'd died and gone to heaven.

Today I am feeling a little better but very mindful of how few 'spoons' I have to play with. I think it might have been Renee who said, make a list, halve it then prioritise. A good plan. Happy holidays everyone!
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