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Invisible Awareness Launch an Incredible Success!

Posted Feb 15 2011 1:31am

Holy Cow!

I had hoped the launch of Invisible Awareness would be a success, but it surpassed even what I had imagined it might be able to do!  The stats that came in just left me gobsmacked.

By the end of the day 820 people had visited either, 4Walls and AView or Invisible Awareness, to read Laurel’s story.  That is 180 people shy of 1,000!  And, that is only on my blog and Invisible Awareness .  That does not include all the other blogs that Laurel’s story was posted on or all the times that her story was shared that I cannot track.

So, I can safely say that Laurel’s story reached over a 1,000 people in one day!  One day!

Imagine what we can all do together, every single month,  just by working together with a singular focus.  I am absolutely blown away … and totally excited at the possibilities!

Thank so much to everyone who helped make the launching day a great success!  And a special thanks to Laurel for willingly going first with her story.

In addition, I have now had several people contact me to share their stories in the upcoming months! As of the writing of this post, March, April, May and June are covered!  Again, I am totally stunned and humbled at what a group of exhausted, neurologically impaired individuals can do when we all work together. ;-) [and they call us lazy?  I mean really ;-) ]

Makes you feel pretty good, huh!

Determined to continue forward,

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