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If it's not one thing it's another...

Posted Feb 05 2012 6:11pm
Or really it's just everything all at once! I've finally found a tiny bit of extra energy to invest in developing some interests (ie learning about design, web programming, this blog!) and of course, with the added use of the computer because of all this, I've damaged my wrists with the repetitive motion. I guess laying in bed while using a laptop really isn't helping any, who would have thought. So much for trying to make something of the useless lump that I am :) I've had this pain now for 3-4 months now; while it's gotten better, it's taken typing with one hand and forcing myself to be a lefty. And now my left hand is acting up. Boo.

Sigh. Maybe going back to work after being out for a week+ with a cold will help the wrist situation. My laptop is quite the wrist killer it seems. But, ugh, work. That is the energy killer. Anyway, I will try to save up some wrist strength to write some of the stuff that's been rolling around in my head, hopefully sometime soon.

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