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I've been extraly tired. what is casueing it or how can i fix it?

Posted by butterfly

I'm a women in my mid 20's. i know thatas a child i was active but in my early teens. i started to become very tired. by the time i finished high school it got worse then better and now it is worse again. i've always  been prone to colds and flus and lung infections alot as a child. i was on the birth control pill for 12 year and did take the shot once which cause me to gain a lot of weight. i can sleep for long hours at a time and never feel rested. i can sleep 8 hours and never feel rested. my Doctor runs test and nothing comes back. so what is goin on with me?
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Dear Butterfly -

Feeling tired all the time is a very common symptom that can be caused by a wide variety of different sources, including anemia (low iron), MS, lupus, thyroid problems, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and many other conditions. You need to see your doctor again and be very persistent to find the underlying cause of your fatigue.  Describe ALL new or recurring symptoms, any recent changes in your lifestyle or medications or supplements, and any other pertinent information.  Explain how long you've had these symptoms and their recurring nature.  Your doctor should test you for a variety of conditions that can cause fatigue and weakness. 


One possible cause of exhaustion is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), an immune system disorder.  However, with CFS there are normally other symptoms besides fatigue (despite its name).  These symptoms may include recurring sore throats or swollen glands, muscle or joint pain, headaches, flu-like aches and/or feverish feeling, sleep problems, and/or exercise intolerance (sudden, severe worsening of symptoms within hours or days after exercise or other exertion).  In fact, exercise intolerance is a unique, defining characteristic of CFS.  In addition, CFS is often a relapsing-recurring illness, with symptoms sometimes worse (especially after exercise or exertion) and sometimes better.

If you have some of these symptoms and think that CFS is a possibility, you might want to try the Do I Have CFS? self-assessment at the CFIDS Association website (CFIDS is another name for CFS).  Here's the link:

There is no test (yet) to confirm CFS, but if your symptoms fit the CFS definition and all of your other tests are negative, then your doctor may diagnose you based on your symptoms.  Here's a list of tests that should be done to exclude other conditions (and that might help you to get properly diagnosed), provided by the CFIDS Association:


Fatigue is such a common and varied symptom of so many conditions that it can be difficult to find the cause.  Don't give up!  If your doctor isn't willing to work with you to get to the bottom of your symptoms, then find another.  There is a medical explanation, but it may take a lot of persistence to find it so that you can start treating the underlying cause.

Good luck.  If you have other questions about CFS in particular, please feel free to ask me, either through this site or by visiting my blog at

Sue Jackson


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