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I need some advice. i've been feeling really tired, nauseaus, body pain,intense abdominal pains. Shud i be concerned?

Posted by Slugger

Hi there. I have been experiencing the above mentioned symptoms for a while now.I haven't done anything strenuous to explain the body pain which is a little confusing. The fatigue has set in drastically over the past week. I have't been incredibly busy at work or anything which thus i cannot explain. My grandmother has had diabetes, there's also history of cancer in our family.

Should i be worried with the above symptoms that I have been experiencing?


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Dear Slugger -


If you've had these symptoms for less than 2 weeks, then it's probably just the flu.  No need to be concerned about more serious or chronic illnesses unless your symptoms last a month or longer with no sign of improvement.


However, if you're concerned, you should see your doctor.


Sue Jackson 

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