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I'll Just Ride on the Backs of the Angels Each Night...

Posted Apr 15 2011 9:43pm
So I'm back from Florida. As tempting as it was to stay in the warm weather, I'm happy to be back home! I had a wonderful trip. It was very relaxing! I slept well and felt okay for the most part. It's always tough coming home and recovering from traveling. A few days after I came home, I saw my doctor to go over test results. She was concerned with a few things and wants me to put my dream of having a baby on hold for a few months. I know she's probably right, but it was still hard to hear. On top of that, she had me do a liver cleanse that pretty much knocked me out for a week. So it's been a down week for me both physically and emotionally. I'm too sleepy to write too much about it now, but I just wanted to share a song. 

Then the skies, they fell open
and my eyes were opened
to a world of hope falling at my feet.
Now I've no more or less
than anyone else has,
what I have is a gift of life I can't repeat.

So I go up Poughkeepsie,
look out o'er the Hudson
and I cast my worries to the sky.
Now I still know sorrow,
but I can fly like the sparrow
'cause I ride on the backs of the angels tonight.

I know this isn't the best quality of video but I like what Karin has to say about the song. Over the Rhine is an amazing band to see live so hopefully you'll see why I was captivated.

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