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i have frequent urination but of small amount from child hood around 20 times a day ,but i have no problem of feeling thristy

Posted by girishshastri

i have problem of frequent urination from childhood about 20 time per day minimum this has made my social life hell i have no other problem like bruning urination ,thrist lower back pain but this problem is too irritatating can you help me please
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When a patient reports frequent urination, a large number of possibilities comes to mind.  Burning urination makes me think of bladder or kidney infections.  Excessive thirst makes me think of uncontrolled diabetes, both mellitus and insipidus.  Some medications, eg diuretics, increase urinary frequency.  An irritable or overactive bladder due to detrusor instability can lead to incontinence.  This can be improved upon by avoiding any drugs w/anticholinergic activity, eg antihistamines.  From your post, I can't tell if you're a man or woman.  For men, it's best to avoid alpha adrenergic agonists which can cause the prostate capsule to contract and thus make it difficult to relax enough to urinate.  However, once the bladder overflows, one notices an increase in urinary frequency.  Hope this helps some.  Good luck!
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