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I Have … Hope

Posted Mar 22 2011 1:00am

Life isn’t Static.  Fixed.  Determined.  It’s flowing.  Changing.  Evolving.

There is always the room for Possibility. Expectancy.  Anticipation.

Even in as severe a relapse as I now find myself in, there is a power within me that lies in wait because change is always, Possible.  Probable.  Imminent.

I just have to learn to be patient; more patient than this thing that now resides within me called ME.

ME is like a ticking Bomb.  Waiting.  Watching.  Lurking in the background.  Always there.  Always ready to strike when I least expect it.

Yet, ME does not know me.  Who I am.  What is at the core of my being.  It does not know that no matter what it does, no matter what havoc it wreaks, I have something else that lives within me – a power that is greater than ME could ever be.


Circumstances always change … eventually.  Sometimes change comes in degrees so small that I cannot see or feel them.

At other times, change comes in incremental steps.

Often with this illness, things move forward only to fall back without warning, landing twice as far back as I started.

But there is that power, hope, that grows and strengthens me, reminding me day in and day out that my circumstances are not static. They are not fixed.  They are never final.

I know that change is a constant I can count on in my life with ME.

In the end, however, I will win if I just wait. Patiently.  Quietly.  Expectantly.

… because … Hope always comes.

Determined to continue forward,

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