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I Did the Unthinkable....I Threw Out My Leftovers!

Posted Mar 06 2011 4:34pm
Those who know me well, know that my favorite part of going out to dinner, besides not having to clean dishes, is having leftovers! I love leftovers. Forgetting my leftovers at the restaurant or having someone else eat mine can seriously ruin my day! 

Last night Steve and I went out to one of my favorite Italian restaurants. Usually when we go out for Italian, I order sauteed spinach and tilapia with a tomato sauce. I seriously order the same thing EVERY time. However, our main motive for going out last night was strictly health related.  My doctor wants to run some tests because she is concerned about the digestion/ IBS issues I have been having lately. She told me I had to add some things back in my diet before the test, like wheat. Let me tell you, she really had to twist my arm. So out we went. (I rested all day in preparation for our date night!)

Before we placed our order, I sipped my water and watched Steve dive in to his first piece of bread. Wait, I thought, for research purposes only, perhaps I should have a piece of bread. So I poured some olive oil on my bread plate and dipped a piece of bread in.  We ordered a small pear salad with gorgonzola cheese to share and then for my entree I ordered my absolute fave, penne with vodka sauce! This is a meal I used to typically order when I was healthy. Well I noticed that I wasn't even halfway through my meal and I was stuffed. I'm just not used to eating such a heavy carb load.

I was expecting to be happier after eating my favorite meal. Instead, I felt overly full, bloated, and had stomach pains. I don't know if those symptoms are caused by the foods I ate or the fact that I ate too much. My doctor thinks I may have food sensitivities that could be causing some of my symptoms. This could be true because last spring I was feeling better when I was gluten free, grain free, sugar free, fruit free, dairy free, etc. This past fall I added some things back into my diet and felt worse. I really don't know what the answer is. I don't think that eating the right foods will cure me, but I do think that it will help me. I did notice that I didn't really have joint pain or body aches when I was on the strict diet. I'm really curious what these tests will show!

So when I went to fix my lunch today, I saw my leftovers staring at me in the fridge. As much as I wanted to eat them, I didn't want to relive how bad I felt last night. So I did the unthinkable and threw them out. Instead, I fixed myself a big salad. After which I didn't have that full, bloated feeling. 
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